Back home for a couple days and oh how sweet it is. Birthday parties, baseball games, ice cream and of course some sister time!








Oceans just turned 3 and she is the funniest human I have ever had a conversation with. Seriously. She loves pink fidget spinners and currently her best friend is the pink inflatable dolphin that she got at yesterday’s garage sale! She tells everyone they’re her favorite and she is always so sweet.. and sometimes very sassy.






She also likes to dress herself most of the time so shoutout to her pink crocks with Elsa socks!





I love spending time with my sisters when I am home. If you’re still in high school or not yet married and moved away, cherish the time you have with your siblings cause you’ll miss it more than you think!



Lita is our foster sister and wasn’t here when we took these pictures! She is just like a sister to us and we all love her so much. She is absolutely beautiful and such a cute girly girl! She’s always wearing a dress, wants her hair braided, and chooses the sparkly nail polish!


I took her back to this little spot so she could join our sister post because she will always be our sister and we love her with all our heart!

 So thankful sisters are forever; love you sweet girls! ♥



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