Local fruit market- they have everything you can imagine..





The fish market was huge. The Venetians pull most of the sea life right out of the lagoon that surrounds the city.







Libreria Aqua Alta is one of the worlds most famous bookstores! It’s a hard find but if you love books it’s a must see!









Our cute Airbnb! ^

Everything in Venice is by boat. We did not see one car! They even have police boats (which can pull you over for speeding in the canals), ambulance boats, and machinery boats.

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Shirt: Raga // Skirt: Raga // Hat: GIGI PIP // Choker: Pure White

Isn’t Venice absolutely beautiful!? It was by far my favorite place we visited in Europe during our trip. It’s touristy along the main canal, but once you start adventuring it feels like you’re a local. There are so many amazing restaurants and cute shops. Each building is unique in its own way and there are so many pretty colors and designs. We stayed at an airbnb and it was great! At night our neighbors talked across the street from their windows. And in the morning, their laundry was hung up outside- it felt like we lived there! We visited the fish market early one morning and were surprised to see they sell a lot more than small fish. They sell octopus, large squid, and crabs that are a still trying to escape haha! We also ventured through their fruit markets which were sooo good. Fresh strawberries, mangos, peaches, pineapple, raspberries and the list goes on. We also visited the Jewish ghetto which was full of history and good food! In Venice they don’t sit down and have a big dinner. Instead, they venture around and eat a little here and there. They talk and have dinner for hours! It’s so fun to step away from the big tourist spots and experience a bit of the local life. More pics of our time in Italy coming soon so stay tuned! Have a great week ♥


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