In the United States, the average age of a first marriage is 27 for women, and 29 for men. However, just 50 years ago our grandparents were getting married at 18. Why has it changed so much? In today’s culture, getting married young catches people by surprise. They like to point out “You have your whole life ahead of you, why do it now?”. If you got married young you can probably relate to this, and if you are thinking about getting married young- you have all this to look forward to ♥

The 10 Best Things About Getting Married Young:

1. You get to grow up together

            Instead of “growing old together”, its more like you’re “growing up together”…at least in the beginning. At 19, I still have a ton to learn. Being married just means I have someone to learn alongside.

2. They’ve known your dreams forever

        In highschool, Marshal and I talked about our dreams for hours. We’d go on long bike rides and talk about who we wanted to be, and what we wanted to do. We still do this- in the car or late at night before we fall asleep. He knows the little things that have always been important.

3. You might be happier

       The National Marriage Project report from 2013 found that of people who are between 20 and 28 years of age, the most satisfied group are those who are married. And according to “Knot Yet”, 35% of single/cohabitating men report they are “highly satisfied” with their life, compared to 52% of married men. Likewise, 33% of single women and 29% of cohabiting women are “highly satisfied,” compared to 47% of married women.”

4. You get to be there in their biggest moments

            I got to see Marshal graduate highschool, start college, and make the D1 Hockey team. I saw him make his first collegiate goal and get his first job. Some things only happen once and you get to be there for them all.

5. You learn how to save money.. fast

            We don’t really spend a lot of money..  and that’s because we don’t  really have any. We found the cheapest apartment we could (which was in about 24 hours.. maybe I’ll write about our terrifying moving experience another time) and settled in. The past year I’ve learned how to  coupon my way through the store! We don’t eat out a lot or get to do all the things our peers do, but that makes us all the more appreciative.

6. You can still go to school

          I am not quite sure who made up the rule that you can’t get married until you finish college. As if to say, it’s impossible to finish college while married. Marshal and I are both residential students taking 17-18 credits a semester at an accredited university. You don’t have to let go of your education to get married!

7. You learn new things together

            Just this past year we learned how to file taxes, deal with financial aid, fix our broken car, and budget money. We’ve also learned a ton about what it’s really like to be patient, kind, selfless, loving, and full of forgiveness… all great things to learn sooner rather than later in life.

8. You don’t bring in the baggage

            When you get married young, you don’t have as many single and dating years as your peers (Marshal and I pretty much had 0 experience in the dating department haha). This means you don’t have all the tough stuff to deal with- exes, comparison, regrets, anxiety, etc.

9. You always know that “young and in love” feeling

Just because you get married doesn’t mean you’re old and boring. We got married but we are still 19.. We have crazy adventurers, crazy ideas, and are still crazy about each other. That young passionate romance just got 10X better.

10.  You’ve got plenty of time

When you get married young you’ve got lots of time. You have time for just the two of you to have fun and make memories. There’ s no rush to have kids, start your career, buy a house, etc. You chose a different path and can just relax and enjoy the life you and your spouse have been blessed with.

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Comments? Questions? Want to know more about what its like being married at 19? Leave them in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “The 10 Best Things About Getting Married Young”

  1. That was a beautiful example of the incredible things a young married couple can experience. Grampa and I married young. The adventures, some hard but mostly good became the bond and the glue to make it easier to move ahead. Love only grows closer. Just holding hands, or him gallantly opening the car door. Love deepens. I enjoyed this blog, it took me back a lifetime ago, and I smiled 🌺

  2. So much happiness and adventures ahead for you two. I also smiled with every truth I read. Makes my heart happy when I see the positive reminders of what lies ahead for a young married couple!

  3. I love this picture of the two of you and I admire how much you both love each other. You both are so wise! Can’t wait to witness what the future holds for the both of you!💕

  4. Way to go Marshal and Allanah!!! Start a new trend in your generation!We need more happily married young and old couples sharing positive experiences!We hear enough of the bad on the news , Hollywood etc!!!Love you and can’t wait to hear about your moving nightmare lol Keep em coming!

  5. You are an inspiring young lady! Thank you for sharing this! We have alot of parents who tell their kids that they should wait to get married so they can experience life a little before making that commitment. I love how you put it that you guys are still doing the same fun and exciting things you are just doing them together! Love you both!

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