I finally visited the famous White Hart Cafe here in downtown Lynchburg! It was the cutest, most authentic little shop. I decided it was the perfect place to shoot for this new, authentic company I’ve been working with!

 Mata Traders, a company based in Nepal, is fighting poverty by helping women change their lives. It is using fashion to give women a job and help them provide for their family. Women come from rural areas, tribal villages, and urban slums in order to earn a fair wage and join the Mata family! The artisans use ancient techniques such as block printing and embroidery to make every single piece or clothing by hand.

My favorite thing about Mata Traders is that it doesn’t just provide employment. Mata gives their artisans health care, paid maternity leave, retirement pensions, and daycare. There is also a social worker on staff that helps women with personal needs. They help women get out of domestic violence situations, deal with HIV/AIDS, and even open bank accounts.

Mata Traders also believes in educating their women. They provide literacy classes so that women can learn to read. They also provide workshops to educate families on topics like hygiene, nutrition, and parenting.

Check out how you can be apart of changing women’s lives in Nepal! Mata just launched their new spring/summer collection- check it out here.

Dress and necklace c/o: Mata Traders

Ring c/o: The Makery VA

Photography by: Alexandria Marie


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