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Do you need a reason to buy some beautiful flowers? Well I found one, actually a couple!

I was just recently introduced to Be My Rose. An organization based in the valleys of Ecuador. Here, there are thousands of flowers being grown all for the people of Ecuador- and you!

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When you buy from Be My Rose, you are giving back to the farmers and their community! You are buying school supplies for children, employing women, and providing food for children in Ecuador.

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BONUS: Now a days, everyone is all about going green and saving the Earth. When you buy globally, you are helping these countries stay eco- friendly.

1.) The flower farms in Ecuador are irrigated by filtered waste water.

2.) The farm uses organic technology such as Kombucha family fungus and fruit tea to sustain its flowers.

3.) The farms are pesticide free and are fair trade certified.

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I absolutely love buying flowers, especially when they are bringing joy to others too! Check out some of there bouquets below.

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Let me know your favorite bouquet from their collection!  Wildflowers are still my favorite.. but this 200 bouquet of roses is literally the most amazing thing I’ve seen. ♥  ♥  ♥

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GUESS WHAT.. 2 weeks till Valentines Day! Check out their special Valentines collection here.  And follow them on Instagram to catch their latest discount.

Thanks so much to Be My Rose for sponsoring this post

Photography by: Be My Rose

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