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Sseko Designs is an organization based in Uganda, Africa. It was founded to provide a way for women to attend University. Out of the 15 million women living in Uganda, 17% are able to go to high school; less than 2% will make it to college. Sseko gives young women the chance to work in order to pay for their education- it empowers them and gives hope!

Read some of their stories here!

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Since the company was founded, It has opened its doors to two other countries-Kenya and Ethiopia. Sseko now also employs an older generation of women who struggle to find work.

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Sseko works with nonprofits to employ young Ugandan women who have recently been rescued out of the sex-trade. They are helping these women connect, and find stability using their new jobs!

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Sseko first started making sandals to help employ women, Now they make beautiful leather bags, a variety of shoes, jewelry, and accessories. When you purchase from Sseko, you are empowering women in Africa. You are giving them a chance to go to college and change the society they live in.

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 In Lugandan, Enseko, means laughter. This is where the Sseko name comes from!

Sseko not only wants to empower the women in Uganda, Sseko wants to empower you! Join me in the movement of overcoming poverty and inspiring women globally. Join the Brave Collective!

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Check out some of Sseko’s line below!

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Photography provided by Sseko Design.

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