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Raven + Lily was founded in order to help alleviate poverty among women throughout the world. It not only provides women with employment; but gives them access to a safe work environment, healthcare, education, and fair wages. The company employs over 1,500 women in counties all over the world.

1.) Pakistan: Raven and Lily employ Afghan refugees living along the border of Pakistan. Many of the women have incredible talent yet lack the opportunity to work. Raven + Lily give women the chance to stay healthy and send their children to school despite living in refugee camps.

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2.) Kenya: Raven + Lily work with many tribes in Africa. From the Masaii to the Esiteti/Embaringoi community, the company provides work for many women by buying their bead work while helping them cultivate it towards modern jewelry. When asked what she is thankful for, Kimpoyan, a bead artisan said:

“I am happy to do business. To be able to buy cattle, food and to protect my goats, sheep and donkeys.”

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3.) India: In India, Raven + Lily employ women who were formally involved in the sex- trade. This job gives them stability and an opportunity to break the cycle they are in. From India comes Raven + Lily’s soaps, paper, cotton apparel, and totes.

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4.) Ethiopia: The artisans in Ethiopia are known for their jewelry and leather production. When asked what she was thankful for, Andante, an Ethiopian artisan said:

“Before I had no friends and no one to talk to because I am HIV+. Today, I now have friends and a permanent job I love.”

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5.) Cambodia: Take a look at all the neat products made from Cambodia!

6.) Guatemala: Women in Guatamala are thrilled to be able to keep the art of weaving alive. It is a great tradition and a part of the culture. The women are using this opportunity to buy books and uniforms in order to send their children to school as well as support their home financially.

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7.) Malaysia: In Malaysia, single mothers  are hired in order to use their trade to make an income for their family. It allows them to have a support system, while also having the opportunity to care for their children. They make beautiful dyes and hand printed apparel.

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8.) USA: Through out the US, Raven + Lily help homeless women develop skills that educate them and give them work experience. They help them build a resume and earn an income to get back on their feet.

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Check out some of Raven + Lily’s collection below!

For 10% off your first purchase, use code “FTK10”. Do something small that will change the life of another!

Shop the collection here.

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photography by: Raven + Lily

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  1. Wonderful work going on all over the globe. Thanks for sharing this info. If women knew their real power and position, we could change the world so much quicker!

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