When Marshal and I moved into our new apartment, it needed some decorating… really bad. Decorating a house is not like decorating your dorm room. There are so many white walls and I could not for the life of me decide where to hang a picture frame, what color carpet to buy, and which curtains looked best.

    So I started looking on Pinterest for some inspiration. I decided I could easily make a ton of the wall decorations I saw on there. I filled up the house pretty quick. ( I love doing DIY’s!)

    I found these cross sections of Oak wood at Michaels and decided I could definitely use them. They were so cute! I decided to paint them and then add a verse. One day my friend Brittany was over and was like “Oh my gosh! You should sell these! They would totally sell”. We have a school website and so I took her advice and posted some I made.

WHOA… I had over 40 orders.

These were so popular! I had a ton of people want some for their dorm, apartment, and house!  A lot of people were starting buying them to give as gifts. I began to custom make them- I wood burned a couple and then did some custom watercolor prints- whatever they wanted!

To help with the process, I made an Etsy site! Its so fun to have your little inhome business 🙂 Check it out below:









Thanks so much to my super cute friends Brittany & Casey for helping me with this post <3





























Photos by: Alexandra Marie Photography


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