July 23rd, 2016

What an AMAZING day..  Marshal and I’s wedding day! We had it on my family’s farm in Marysville, Ohio. I always wanted an outside wedding, and our home was the perfect place to have it. We had the ceremony outside by the pond and the reception in the barn. I am all things wildflowers, country, and vintage- so that’s exactly what we did! We had a 6th month engagement so we pulled it all together pretty quick. We did so much DIY projects and made everything we could- it was so much fun! There are over 300 pictures.. but for now, here is a glimpse of our big day.


dsc_9600    dsc_9592

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 The 2 pictures we’ve all been dying to see. Walking down the isle and seeing his face was the most special feeling in the world.

   dsc_0755     dsc_9759


Marshal and I didn’t do a first look because he wanted to wait till I walked down the isle to see me. Instead, we met around the corner and prayed. I HIGHLY recommend this. It was special, helped calm our nerves, and let us invite the presence of the Lord before the ceremony.


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Backstory: Our farm is called Prairie Stone Farm. (Basically because we have huge areas of prairie and also my dad loves huge boulders..) The prairie in the picture above was all tall grasses until March. I had the idea of throwing some wildflower seeds out there so some would pop up for the wedding. Turns out you have to actually plant them. So while I was at college, my family tilled the field and all 6 of the kids were out there seeding it. A couple months later.. wal-ah! The prairie is filled with flowers and it is absolutely breathtaking. Thanks guys!




img_6565       img_6579-1

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Marshal and I decided to do communion as our first act as husband and wife. Communion represents the sacrifice Jesus made for each of us on the cross. As believers, Jesus calls us to take communion in remembrance of him. Marshal and I wanted the presence of the Lord at our wedding. It was- and is- important to remember that marriage was made by him, for his glory.



dsc_0078     dsc_0077

I love this cake so much! I asked our baker to do a 3 tier round white cake so I could decorate it with flowers. My absolute favorite part is the ruffled lace on the bottom layer! The middle is a rose swirl and the top is rough icing. The top and bottom layers were chocolate chip and the middle was chocolate. (Currently the top layer is in my freezer and I want to eat it everyday.. 10 more months)



dsc_0063   dsc_0082

My dad and brother put up that barn door- just thought they deserved some credit.


dsc_9894   dsc_9999

All my girls and all Marshal’s guys!


And my sweet family of 10 <3


dsc_0049      img_6567      dsc_0044

My mom is a super talented decorator and put all this together.. and I painted that pallet for 3 hours.

img_6569   dsc_9908  img_6570

Family pics!


dsc_0055       dsc_0047

Over 6 months, we gathered over 250 vintage china settings from everywhere and anywhere. IT WAS SO CUTE. And it was CHEAP. Rather than paying $1 for a plastic plate. We bought a vintage china plate for $1.

dsc_0733      img_6568      dsc_0763


The End.. more pics coming to Facebook and on instagram. Let me know what you guys think! 🙂


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